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The jewelry pieces shown at this site are a small selection of jewelry made by Laura Sturtz. Laura prefers to spend her time being involved with the process of making and designing, rather than doing production or overseeing others doing production. Designs shown are limited production lines. At this time, all items are 100% made by her. From time to time, one-of -a kind pieces will be displayed here that you can order, as well as limited edition pieces. Laura also has a production line of ceramic jewelry that she wholesales to galleries and fine craft shops, and sells at art shows. If you have a shop and are interested carrying her designs or in seeing other designs, please contact the artist directly.

Most metal designs can be cast in sterling silver or bronze. If stones or ceramic pieces are to be included, choice of colors almost unlimited. The artist is happy to take custom orders. Her creative diversity is evidenced by the variety of work shown at this site. Please consider that time is a major factor regarding special requests.

Please browse through these jewelry pages and enjoy. If you have any questions, feel free to inquire.

The necklace sets below are samples of Laura's recent 'texture' series. These pieces are all cast in anti-tarnish sterling silver. Some are finished with a high polish and some are satin finished, most are oxidized to accentuate the pattern, and the stones are either cubic zirconia (cz), corundum, or spinel (synthetic stones). Each necklace set in this series is one-of-a-kind.

ORectangular Necklace Set with CZRectangular necklace set with CZBlue Stone Necklace SetOval Texture Necklace Set with CZAqua Oval Necklace Set