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The sources of inspiration for my designs are varied and cover the globe. Many have their roots in diverse species of flora and fauna, in contemporary, traditional and historical art of all sorts, in geometric forms, in ethnic art, in fact - anything visual can inspire me. I am constantly flipping through books and magazines, looking at everything, soaking up visual impressions which often get tucked away, later to surface consciously or unconsciously in my art. -

These handmade designs are subject to variations and irregularities which are an intrinsic part of the handmade process. This results in each individual piece having it's own unique character.

Inquiries from galleries and gift shops welcome.

Purchases can be made by money order, check, or credit cards. Shipping and packing are an additional charge. If you wish to order, contact Twin Creek Studio at the following:

P.O. Box 530, Manchaca, Texas 78652 USA



Check this site frequently as new works will regularly be added.