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Cast aluminum, one-of-a-kind chess sets. Color of semi-precious stone beads distinguishes the opposing sides.
The two sets on the left are cast by the ceramic shell method. The set on the right is textured due to the sand-casting method.
Chess Art Chess Art Chess Art
BLACK & WHITE CERAMIC 2 - These striking geometric pieces are hand built of low-fire white clay and hand-painted with underglaze in a graphic geometric pattern that is unique to each chess piece. A gloss glaze protects each piece as well at the tiles on the chessboard which measures 20" square. The natural red oak frame is sealed with a Danish oil finish. Tiles are 2" and the King stands 3 3/4". The bottom of each piece has a protective material applied. One-of-a-kind. MUSICAL INSTRUMENT SET - All the chess pieces in this clever set, are represented by a variety of musical instruments. The artist meticulously hand-formed each chess piece into a musical instrument. The low-fire clay is glazed to look like metal, in a pewter-like and a bronzey glaze. Very highly reflective. The king is 5 3/4" tall and the board with it's oak frame and Danish oil finish measures 20" square. ARCHITECTURE SET 1 -In this imaginative set, each chess piece made of low-fire clay is a different building . Each piece is individually hand-made and took the artist considerable time to complete each piece, including the very detailed Pentagon (knight) . The set is finished with a gloss black and very reflective bronzey colored glaze. Tiles are 2" and board measures approximately 19" square. One-of-a-kind.