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These unique sets are both designed and totally hand-made by gifted artist Laura Sturtz. Her creative abilities and skill has led her to fashion these unique one-of-a-kind chess sets in a variety of media. Says artist Laura Sturtz, "I am finding the chess theme most exciting and have endless ideas to pursue." In fact, she has a long list of chess sets to make and is hopeful that she will be given enough time to explore these objectives. Each set is extremely labor intensive as there are 32 pieces in each set. The board also requires quite a bit of time, but she gets a great deal of satisfaction from the completion of a set.

She finds working in a variety of media refreshing. Each media requires a different set of skills and there is no chance for this work to get dull or repetitive. She has made chess sets of wood, porcelain and low fire ceramic clay (including both hand built and pieces thrown on the potters wheel) , cast bronze, cast aluminum, and fabricated metal. Any material that seems appropriate to the pieces may be included.

The making of chess sets is very compatible with Laura's philosophy. She abhors war and believes that the chessboard is the ideal place for humans to work out their aggressive tendencies.

Laura has made several other chess sets not shown at this site, including some designs in limited editions of cast bronze. She is also available to do custom work. You may contact her for information regarding these other areas.

Chess Art

GEOMETRIC PAINTED CHESS SET 1 - This striking chess set is hand-painted in a complex geometric pattern reminiscent of Southwest Native American designs. The variety of colors used are selected to further enhance the feel of the Southwest. Painted with fine artist's acrylic paint, the board is protected by a piece of glass inset in the frame. The frame is painted with quality sign painter's alkalyd paint. The dimensions of the board are 20" x 20" x1 3/4" and the king stands 4 1/4" h. One-of-a-kind. Chess Art
Both the colorful board and chess pieces are hand-painted with a variety of colors, with blues and greens predominating. The board and pieces are coated with a table top quality resin. The frame is painted with quality sign painter's alkalyd paint Board is 20" Sq. x 1 3/4 H. King is 4 3/8 " H. with a base of 1 3/4".

Chess Art

METAL & SEMI-PRECIOUS STONES SET - These chess pieces are made of "found" metal parts of brass and copper with patinas. The bezel set semi-precious stones are green aventurine and rhodenite. Chess people only. These pieces look good on 1 3/4" squares. King is 4" tall with a base diameter of 1 3/4".

Chess Art

Chess Art

PORCELAIN SET WITH GREEN, PEACH & BLUE - The artist originally threw these chess pieces on the potter's wheel. Then she made a mold of plaster. Porcelain slip (liquid clay) was poured and remained in the mold until the walls built up to the desired thickness. The excess slip was then poured out, to leave the piece hollow. This hollowness enhances the translucent quality of the porcelain. (Porcelain = fine white high fired clay with no iron impurities) The tiles on the board are porcelain-like clay. The hardwood frame is red oak with a Danish oil finish. Board measures 19 1/2" square. Tiles are 1 7/8" square. King stands 2 3/8" H.

Chess Art
MULTICOLOR PAINTED CHESS SET 1 - This colorful contemporary chess set is made of wood painted with fine quality artist's acrylic paint. The board and frame are coated with durable table top resin. The paint on the chess pieces is protected by a water-based polyurethane. The board measures 17 1/2" square x 1 3/4' H. King stands 4" tall. One-of-a-kind.