Small Lizard
3 1/4" x 1 1/8"

bronze antiqued finish shown

'Critter' Jewelry Designs by Twin Creek Studio

The lizards and geckos on these pages are castings from actual creatures with the exception of the 'horny toad' which is a sculpture. None were harmed in the process. They were found dead. Each one has a different story.
- One was found on a chilly morning in the wheelbarrow outside the studio. The previous evening I had carried wood in the wheelbarrow for heat in the studio wood stove. When I found the gecko, I brought it in and carried it around hoping it would warm up and come to life, but it didn't, so I cast and imortalized it.
- The smallest one was found floating in a tub of water in my studio sink.
- My cat had hold of the largest lizard. I took it away and put it in a safe place for it to recover, but it didn't, so I cast it.